The success of Manna Connect and its Leaders is made possible by a community of encouragement, hope, and practical resources. Manna Connect has been designed so that everyone can play a vital role in the process


Simply choose from one of the five categories below to explore a variety of ways your skills and resources can play a part in eradicating homelessness in Douglas county.

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Is your company looking for reliable, dedicated and trained employees?  Through the Manna Connect Career Program, Leaders build the skills needed for a sustainable wage through intensive career development and educational opportunities in desired fields of employment.  Consider employing a Manna Connect Leader to become an integral member of your team!


Would you like to help someone with their transportation needs? Help Leaders get where they need to go:

Donate A Car.

Auto Repair.


Do you have a spare room, a private rental, or a desire to invest in a housing opportunity for a family in need?  Provide a stable place for Leaders to live as they journey towards self-sufficiency:

Home Share.

Private Rental.

Kingdom Investment.


Do you have the time to engage in authentic and encouraging relationships with Leaders in the Manna Connect program?  Walk alongside Leaders and become an Ally. 


Do you have time to help under-resourced families receive material needs?  Volunteer at Manna Care to see our food resource in action.