Help others, Earn Rewards

Terms and Conditions

Tier One: Share a designated promotional Facebook post with your friends to help us promote Manna Connect. Limit of one reward per month. Rewards will be given out at the following Community Gathering.

Reward $5 Gift Card

Tier Two: Someone that you refer to Manna Connect fills out an application. The applicant must list you as a referral on their application. Only one referral will be awarded per applicant. 

Reward $25 Gift Card

Tier Three: Your referral is accepted into Manna Connect. You will earn the reward after your referral begins attending Community Gathering. 

Reward $50 Gift Card

Tier Four: Your referral graduates from Manna Connect. Graduation means full completion of all program expectations and the awarding of a graduation trophy. 

Reward $125 Gift Card

Rewards Program only available for current or former Manna Connect Leaders and Allies. Manna Connect Staff, Community Partners, and CHCC Staff are ineligible for rewards. Program valid until July 1, 2021 or until budgeted funding for the program is reached.